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Club Operations

Sport Facility Financing

We specialise in providing financing advisory services to clubs, working with our network of capital providers to access multiple funding sources and identify the most efficient financing structures for our clients.

Transfer Fee Funding

We can help clubs control short term expenses and support competitiveness on the field by enabling a transfer through secured loan receivables financing, This supports the deal process by providing both parties with  the cash reserves they need to operate, whilst also managing compliance with industry budgeting regulations.

Rights Management

We assist football clubs, footballers and rights holders to maximise their income from image and broadcast rights, by way of renegotiation of existing positions, repackaging, and territory by territory active management. This can help maximise value throughout the term of a license or the term of a playing career, adding to existing income streams and improving negotiating positions.

Club Debt Financing

Through our available Project Financing Sources we are able to offer clubs a diverse array of funding options for projects worldwide including, debt financing and refinancing, hard cash, equity & debt hybrid financing and transactional funding.

Asset Finance

We provide access to a range of secured and unsecured asset financing solutions, making it easier to raise funds for additional finance needs, such equipment lease, purchase hire and capital leasing, whilst helping to maintain cash flow in your business through spreading the costs of that asset.

Club Consulting

We have senior level expertise in running and operating clubs and can provide clients with a range of business support requirements from operations, commercial, financial and strategic consulting to help refine processes and optimize the business.

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